The 1st Dark Ascension Festival is history – but what a great one! We had a lot of fun and a big smile on our faces after the performances of La Scaltra, Merciful Nuns and Fields of the Nephilim. Heartfelt thanks to all three bands for the great gigs and the unforgettable evening.
No great concert without great sound … and the team of In Phase Event GmbH delivered. Many of you – and also the bands – told us that the sound was indeed great. A big thank you to In Phase for a superb job.
Technikfabrik Eventconsulting GmbH and Hang 'em High took care of the absolutely professional stage construction and dismantling, thank you very much.
Last, but not least, we want to thank you, the audience, for coming. We hope that you enjoyed the evening and will keep the trip to Fürth in good memory.
See you – at the WGT, the Amphi ... or the 2nd Dark Ascension Festival??? Stay tuned ...
Thomas & Claus

Dark Ascension Festival Runningorder:

8 pm La Scaltra

9 pm Merciful Nuns

10.30 pm Fields of the Nephilim


Tickets are still available at the boxoffice!


Yours Dark Ascension Team



Dark Ascension Festival Vol. I

Out of a jolly mood, we decided to offer a small but fine festival in the Franconian area.

With headliners Fields of the Nephilim, Merciful Nuns and La Scaltra, we have been able to book bands that are sure to be show-stoppers.

The Dark Ascension Festival is not going to focus exclusively on Gothic Rock like it does this year. We intend to offer a stage to all "dark" styles like EBM, Industrial, Future Pop …

Will there be another DAF next year? Well, it is up to you to answer that question ... by turning out in large numbers.

We would be very pleased!

Your Dark Ascension Festival Team

Fields of the Nephilim

Merciful Nuns

La Scaltra